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Session tips

Retouching is included on all finished portraits and will remove blemishes and acne, so don’t panic if you have a breakout. For an additional charge, we can correct scars, tan lines, stray hair, and remove braces or whiten teeth.

Clothing selections are very important but not that difficult to make.

We think you should feel comfortable in what you wear, so bring outfits you like and feel good in. Variety is the most important factor! Be sure to bring a selection of clothes that range from dressy or formal to casual. This will allow us to give you the most variety in your photographs. If you’re not sure what to wear, bring a few extra outfits and we’ll help you decide. If you and your Mother disagree on outfits, try to bring a few that you each like! If you are concerned about upper arms, stay away from sleeveless outfits. It's best to bring your clothes on hangers to avoid wrinkles.

We want your pictures to reflect your personality. Bring things that are important to you, such as your favorite hat, sunglasses, musical instrument, hobby, letter jacket, uniforms, sports equipment or pet.

Friends and Family
You can bring someone along to help you look your best. If a friend will also be photographed, have him or her schedule an appointment at the same time as yours so you can help each other get ready.

If you get a haircut or perm, make sure you do it at least a week before your photo session to give it time to look natural. Don’t try a radically new style because you may not feel comfortable with it. Feel free to bring your rollers or curling iron and hairspray.

Girls should wear makeup as they usually do, but emphasize eyes and lips. Powder will reduce facial shine, so bring some just in case. Many salons will be glad to help you with makeup if you wish.

Our lighting techniques will make you look great even without a tan, but a slight tan will also work great. Just remember, removing strap or tan lines costs extra.

You may have a glare on your glasses, so check with your optometrist to see if he can loan you a pair of frames without lenses, or we can remove the glare from your picture for an additional charge.

Tips for Guys
Make sure you shave, and be sure to bring your hairbrush. Don’t forget the belt, socks and shoes that go with your outfits.

Tips for Girls
Have your nails and toes done in the style you prefer because they’ll show in some of the pictures. Don’t forget jewelry, shoes, and undergarments for each outfit.

When should I have my portraits made?
You can have them made any time of the year you like, however we do the majority of our sessions in late Summer or early Fall because of yearbook deadlines. If you need photos for Invitations, we suggest having your session by early April.

When can I view my images?
In approximately 7 to 10 days, we will call you to schedule a viewing appointment. This appointment is where you will view and order your portraits. All decision makers should be at this appointment.

How much will my portraits cost?
Our portraits are not as expensive as you might think! We have special retouched packages starting at only $187. However, most of our clients now tell us what they need and we build a custom package at special prices just for them. Our average customer will end up with either a beautiful Wall Collection or framed Wall Portrait plus gift prints and a Custom Session Album.

How long does it take to get my portraits?
Three weeks after you place your order. If you need them back faster, special rush service is available.

Studio Hours
We are open 9:00 - 5:30 Monday - Friday. We are closed on Fridays during June.